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WAY BACK PARTY - Saturday June 21, 2003 - Carrboro, NC


Well, he wants you to come "Get Down! Boogie Oogie Oogie!" this Saturday!

WHAT:    The WAY BACK Dance Party!
WHEN:    Saturday   June 21st, 2003   -   9:00 p.m. until after midnight
WHERE:   Casa de Matusiak   Carrboro, NC   
WHY:      'Cause you know you wanna get out and shake your booty!
RSVP:       dave  

Due to the unusual dearth of Carrboro parties experienced during Spring 2003, I would like to announce the

"Celebrate Summer Dance Party!!"    Since Saturday June 21st is Officially the First Day of Summer,
I thought "What better way to kick off the Summer than with a funky dance party?" And you are invited!

Here is the deal - the theme of the DANCE party is "Taking a Ride in the WAY BACK MACHINE." All those classic memories - from Rick James, to Michael Jackson, to Abba. I'm talking about breaking it down, one time. The
musical era being represented will be REALLY GOOD Late-70's to Early-80's dance music. funk, dance, disco, rock, soul, whatever! But feel free to DRESS from ANY ERA before current day attire - Dress for your favorite bygone era or spin the wheel on your time machine!

Bring your Boogie Shoes and expect to hear from the likes of Creedence, ELO, Donna Summer, the
Doobie Brothers, Leo Sayer and the BEE GEES!!
It's like a trip down memory lane -- that you can dance to!

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