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The Frickes, Koelevelds and Matusiaks celebrate Thanksgiving!

Tricia with the stuffing

David and Geri

Sarah Fricke

David and Tricia


The Fricke Children

Fricke Children (horizontal crop)

Fricke Children (vertical crop)


Lawn Hockey

Video: Lawn hockey

Fricke Children (Take 2)

Fricke Children (Take 3)


Robin washed out by flash

Emma, the hockey player with missing teeth

Robin K. (sans flash)


The Fricke Children (second attempt)

Between shots

Sarah, Gracie and Ryan


Racer and Sarah

Gracie, showing off her disco moves

Tricia helps the kids pose


Tricia, David and Geri

Robin and Tricia

The girls practicing Christmas songs

Video: We Wish You a Merry Christmas



Alva Dog Gets a Thanksgiving Turkey Bone





Photos and Design : David Matusiak (dave at matusiak dot org)